7 MW Oil Fired Boiler in Hotel

7 MW Oil Fired Boiler, hot water boiler in hotel
Project: WNS7-1.0/95/70-Y(Q) oil fired boiler
Application area:    Hotel hot water supplying and sterilization
Country: Iran
Output: hot water
Oil source: Iran
Fuel: Heavy oil, light oil, diesel......

ZG Boiler designs and manufactures two types of oil fired boiler according to the output, one is oil fired steam boiler and the other is oil fired hot water boiler. According to the layout, oil fired boiler for sale in ZG Boiler can be divided into WNS series and SZS series. 7 MW oil fired boiler exported to Iran is WNS series oil fired hot water boiler, and it is mainly used to supply hot water and sterilize clothing.

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7 MW Oil Fired Boiler Features in ZG Boiler

1. This kind of oil fired boiler adopts three-pass structure, which expands the volume of the combustion chamber, making the fuel burn fully;
2. Corrugated furnace structure increases the heat transfer area, and also satisfies the free expansion after the furnace is being heated;
3.Wet back structure, whole plate boundary butt-jointed with seam rewards the WNS oil fired boiler with the advantages of high reliability and easy maintenance;
4. Thread smoke tube enhances the heat transferred effect.
5. 70 years’ experience makes it with high quality and good service.

7 MW Oil Fired Boiler Manufacturer

ZG Boiler is the 7 MW oil fired hot water boiler manufacturer, as the leading industrial boiler and industrial autoclave manufacturer, most products in ZG boiler have proved ISO9001-2008, IBR and ASME. Oil fired boiler in ZG Boiler has exported to many countries, such as Kazakhstan, Russia, Norway, the United Kingdom, Denmark and many other countries in the world.