Rice Husk Fired Boiler For Sale

Rice husk fired boiler for sale in ZG boiler is a type chain grate boiler and it mainly uses rice husk as its fuels. With the development of the economy, people have higher and higher requirement to the environment, rice husk as a type biomass fuel, is with high efficiency and low pollution and it has been widely used in biomass fired boiler.

Rice is grown widely in tropical, temperate, and even in some cold zones. In the cleaning process, rice plant generates husks which are often burned afield or discarded. Thailand is the largest rice producer in the world, and a huge amount of rice husks are utilized as a boiler fuel. ZG Boiler as a industrial boilers manufacturer with more than 70 years’ history, has advanced technology, excellent service to meet customers’ demand.

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Rice Husk Fired Boiler Application

Rice husk fired boiler has a wide application and it can be used in paper mill, sugar mill, chemical industry, brewery making, garment industry, power plant, thermal power plant and many other industrial fields. In general, rice husk fired boiler for rice mill is the most popular application, especially in Southeast Asia countries.

Rice Husk Fired Boiler Features

1. The rice husk fired boiler for sale in ZG Boiler has larger combustion space and enough height to make sure the fuel have the sufficient time to burn in the furnace.
2. Membrane water wall structure can ensure the seal ability of the furnace and improve the boiler efficiency as well.
3. Water cool structure can not only improve the rigidity and the reliability of the arch but also extend the service life.
4. GEF’s improved appropriate slag removal technology.
5. More than 70 years’ history, and we own rich experience, advanced technology, high quality and best service.