D Type Water Tube Oil Gas Fired Boiler

Water Tube Oil Gas Fired Boiler is D Type in which water circulates in tubes heated externally by the fire. Fuel is burned inside the furnace, creating hot gas which heats water in the steam-generating tubes. D Type Water Tube Oil Gas Fired Boiler in ZBG is designed with a large steam drum at the top, vertically connected to a smaller water drum (or “mud drum”) at the bottom, via multiple steam-generating tubes which carry feed water (providing the main heat transfer surfaces for the production of steam). These are surrounded by walls made up of larger water-filled tubes, named membrane water wall, and all of them form the boiler.

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D type water tube boiler oil gas fired boiler features

1.Adopting double drums “D” type layout, has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, and a good degree of flame.
2.The furnace hearth is adopted with membrane water wall structure, the overall boiler uses of airtight inner guard plate with full closed welding structure and the chamber wall has good sealing performance.
3.The layout has a large heating surface area, the design of gas space is big enough to ensure the stability of the boiler parameters.
4.The tail of the boiler is arranged with flue gas condensation recovery device, which can effectively control the exhaust gas temperature, and make the boiler have high thermal efficiency.
5.Using the thermal resistance material as heat-insulating layer makes the boiler have good thermal insulation performance. Boiler outer shell is adopted with pressing plate, which is beautiful and pretty.
6.Using fast assembling structure, the whole boiler is designed to be packaged in a strong steel base, which is convenient for installation and transportation.
7.The furnace hearth is arranged access hole that provides great convenience for use and repair. The top is provided with an explosion-proof door.
8.The boiler is equipped with automatic burner, using continuous electric adjustment for water supply, and it has high combustion efficiency.
9.It is equipped with multiple protection function which can guarantee operate safely and reliably.

D type water tube boiler oil gas fired boiler application

* Variety of process applications in industries
* Chemical processing divisions
* Pulp and Paper manufacturing plants
* Refining units
* power generation plants