Oil Gas Fired Boiler Supplier in Canada

Oil gas fired boiler for sale in Canada supplied by ZBG can be divided into two types according to the output, one is oil gas fired hot water boiler and it is mainly applied to supply hot water for school, hospital and many other institutions and the other is oil gas fired steam boiler which is mainly used to supply steam to meet the demand of power generation, disinfection and many other applications.

Oil Gas Fired Boiler Structure

Oil gas fired boiler is a kind of double boiler barrel vertical type “D” layout, and it is composed of an upper and a lower boiler barrel, membrane water wall structure, convection tube bundle and fuel gas condensation recovery device.

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Oil Gas Fired Boiler Advantages

1.“D” type layout has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, and a good degree of flame.
2.Membrane water wall structure and hermetically closed furnace plate welded structure make the chamber wall has a good sealing performance.
3.Large heating surface area and gas space ensure the stability of the boiler parameters.
4.Flue gas condensation recovery device can control the exhaust gas temperature effectively which makes the boiler has a high thermal efficiency.
5.Adopting the thermal resistance material as heat-insulating layer makes the boiler have good thermal insulation performance.
6.The outer layer of the boiler adopts pressing furnace boiler plate, which has a pretty appearance.

Oil Gas Fired Boiler Supplier

ZBG is the oil gas fired boiler manufacturer, supplier and exporter, 70 years’ history makes us a leading industrial boiler manufacturer with rich experience, advanced technology, high quality and one-level service.